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Get all the details about our Hollywood book to script adaptation services now. We offer professional feedback to let you know if your book will make a good adaptation, at no cost.

Determine if Your Book is Adaptable

We will save you the trouble of investing your energy and effort into a blooper. This is because not all books are worth turning into screenplays. Our assessment of your book will be based on the following:

How exciting is the plot?
Are the characters unique and dynamic?
Is there a high-stake conflict?
Are your plot lines cinematic?
Is the story marketable or commercially appealing?

If your book satisfactorily answers these questions, then we can go right ahead to plan the adaptation. On the other hand, we can also offer suggestions and help you modify your story to meet the adaptation standards.

Planning Your Movie Screen Adaptation – Treatment Writing

The first step towards the book to movie adaptation is writing the film treatment. The film treatment is a skeleton outline of your story that serves as a guide for you as you proceed with the adaptation. It is usually concise and written in the present tense. The three main components of a treatment are the logline, the character description and the three-act summary.

Logline. The logline is a brief summary of the central theme of your story. It is usually one or two sentences long and mentions the protagonist(s), their struggle with the antagonist(s), and suspense about the conflict resolution.

Character Descriptions. This identifies the significant characters as well as the minor ones. The distinct attributes and unique features of each character are given, with those of the major characters more detailed than the minor ones. If written well, the character description will help in guiding how the characters interact in the story and is an indicator of how they should react in different situations as the story progresses.

Summary. The three-act summary structure is widely used in movie script writing. We will provide a scene-by-scene overview of the adaptation of your book to a movie. TV show treatments, on the other hand, will come with episode-by-episode summaries of the first season. The three-act movie structure is divided into the following parts:

The finished treatment will serve as a template from which we proceed. The treatment is also vital at the marketing stage of your script when it is being sent to agents, movie producers and studio executives. A wonderfully written treatment will give your script a higher chance of getting read and eventually considered for production.

Screenwriting – Writing Your Book to Script Adaptation

With a standard treatment as a guide, we can proceed with the screenplay writing. Since the second act of a screenplay mainly takes up half of the full movie, we will divide the three-act summary into four parts. These four parts will form our four working installments.

First 25 Percent – Act One of Script

This covers the first 25 percent of the script and is primarily referred to as act one. You will read through our submission when we are done and give your feedback. We will also revise and answer any questions you may have, whether via phone call or any other correspondence. When you’re pleased with act one, we can proceed to the next milestone.

First 50 Percent – Act Two, part one of Script

This follows the same process as act one, and we will take any questions and revisions before proceeding.

First 75 Percent – Act Two, part two of Script

Just like the two before it, when you are satisfied, we move on to the final act.

Completed Draft Script – Act Three of Script

Here, we finalize your screenplay and take any lingering overall questions for final corrections.

Finalizing Your Script – Coverage/Feedback & Rewriting

Now, your screenplay is ready, but you might consider ordering our professional coverage service to get your script read by a different writer. This is for you to get more professional feedback and suggestions about your screenplay. Alternatively, you can also send your script to your trusted screenwriter friend for critique.

Marketing Your Script

When you are satisfied with the final feedback on your screenplay, you should move for copyright before marketing. We have expert experience in script marketing, from query letter writing to Amazon publication, and submission of your script to the appropriate quarters. We will provide a link to movie producers, financiers, and directors to give your screenplay the exposure it deserves. We go above and beyond to give your book the best chance of becoming a movie.